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We appreciate you for taking time to listen to The Quote Christ Radio Show. Since the beginning our goal has been one thing, provide quality urban Christian music to the masses. People, especially young people, need to know that there is positive Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B music of great quality available to them. But… We can’t do this alone. Tell a neighbor, friend, family member, that young kid at your church, that newly saved 20 something struggling with listening to secular music, tell everyone about the Quote Christ Radio Show. Also if the show has blessed you or someone you know in anyway please feel free to donate. We appreciate YOU and we promise to continue to give you the “Best in Christian Hip Hop, Pop and R&B” on the Quote Christ Show.

Who is Quote?

"Quote Christ in everything you do.” This is the progressive goal themed through the life of Quote; Program Manager, Radio Personality, & Manager. His passion is for Urban Gospel Music. Quote envisions it to be the catalytic force, which will help to usher the message of Christ to mainstream culture. He is the CEO of Quote Christ Entertainment, a managing, marketing, and promotions firm which serves to equip and mobilize God's chosen vessels to strengthen the believer and plant seeds into the heart of lost souls through the guise of entertainment. Quote currently Gives you the Best in Christian Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B” weekly on the Quote Christ Show.

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